We give meaning to the economy, wherein welfare, happiness and progress are key. It's a physical and reachable place where demand and offer meet each other, a junction in the neighborhood for everybody. Employment and learning together are key at The Masters Services & Care. Here you will only find people that can help and assist in many ways. Thereby The Masters Services & Care is self-sufficient and for and from civilians.

 The Services and products are offered by social entrepreneurs (A). They offer apprenticeships to talented 'differently' developed (B). They learn to finally have a payed job. The Masters Services & Care is the needed day care place for them with an unbridgeable distance to the job market (C).






"I find the energy and the innovative  ability from The Masters® great. I've been a fan for a long time. The Services & Care store is genius." - Nicoline Wisse Smit


Are you someone who arts a craft? Would you like to own your own business? Are you that entrepreneur who likes to help others and be purposeful with everything you do? Do you want to make a difference and contribute to society? The Masters® can help you to “step up” and shift gears. Giving you the opportunity to engage fully into social entrepreneurship.
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The Masters® offer you a diversity of social internships. You will be coached and supported professionally and you can make a contribution to the innovative Masters movement! Walk in or call and ask for the many possibilities!
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The Masters® might be the right place to be. Being different is the new “normal”. Would you like your talents to be re-accessed? Look at your possibilities from a new perspective?  The Masters® see potentials in anybody. Send us an e-mail, call us or be welcome at one of our Services & Care locations!
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The Masters® are socially driven and active in different kinds of fields. There are so many things to do, so many others to help or service. Are you considering doing voluntary work? You are most welcome to contact The Masters® and put your talents in favor of others who are in need for assistance in some way or another. Thank you!
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