The Masters Services & Care Location Wolder

Situated in the middle of the beautiful surroundings of Maastricht city part Wolder, is a unique Services & Care location. Of course wheelchair friendly! A unique collaboration between The Masters® en the local flower shop Maravilha, has led to a beautiful partnership. You will find the well known Masters Services & Care Services like “clothing repair, computer and Phone malfunction services, laundry, dry cleaning and ironing and of course the care desk. On top of that the neighborhood can order coffee to go or just meet and greet inside, or outside on the beautiful terrace. Local inhabitant of Wolder already embraced The Masters® and the the added value it has to offer!


Laundry Service

This particular service is very convenient for students or inhabitants of Wolder, who just want to enjoy the comfort of dropping off their laundry and retaining it cleanly washed and ironed within three days. You can also ask to pick your laundry up at your home and deliver it back to you at a time that is suitable for you! Please don’t hesitate to come in and check out al the possibilities. The MS&C attendant will happily explain you all the possibilities! 

Dry Cleaning

"Vertrouwen begrip, persoonlijk en vooruitgang".

"Vertrouwen begrip, persoonlijk en vooruitgang".

Do you need special care for particular clothing you need dry cleaned? Your Masters Services & Care in Wolder also provides this service. Men’s and woman’s clothing, party clothing, tuxedos. We can handle even bigger items like curtains. Just pay us a visit and ask for the possibilities. The Services & Care attendant will be glad to explain.

Sewing & Clothing Repair

Excellent craftsmanship is provided and your favorite piece of clothing will be handled with love and care at The Wolder location. Immediate transport to the professional tailors In Wyck. They will do their utmost, to fulfill your wishes. And your favorite piece of clothing will be back in no time!

Computer & Phone Service

Balans in mijn leven, een drive om mijn doelstellingen te bereiken.

Balans in mijn leven, een drive om mijn doelstellingen te bereiken.

More and more you depend on technical devices like smartphones, laptops and computers. You are being asked to connect with a “digital world”. Who do you call when your computer fails, your e-mail stops or wifi slows down? Did you know there’s a computer expert on the corner in Wolder? Your hard- or software issues can be resolved in-store, if you bring your device. We also make house visits to solve your problems with computers or telephones! We never stop until everything works again to your satisfaction. 

UPS/Kiala Point

"Iedereen is anders, heeft meerwaarde en doet mee".

"Iedereen is anders, heeft meerwaarde en doet mee".

The Masters® care for people and nature. Therefore we show a strong voice concerning environmental issues. Especially the beautiful surroundings of Wolder. The Masters® have therefore fully engaged the field of “green distribution”. The objective is to stop heavy truck trafficking and package delivery by cars. The Masters Services and Care Wolder is a small distribution center. We also deliver packages with our electric cargo bikes. We are a “Kiala drop off point” this means you can have all your packages delivered very close at your home. Call us and ask for the possibilities in your area.

We Care

"Nieuwe kansen, nieuwe toekomst".

"Nieuwe kansen, nieuwe toekomst".

We are all one. In the old days we were dependent on governmental structures and money consuming procedures. Care industry was booming. We try to get the old system and money issue out of the way. That’s why we co-created a “Care desk” in (now) two parts of Maastricht (Wyck and Wolder). You can get all the help or care psychological/medical assistance you want through the Services & Care desk. Because our collaboration with the Social Team Wolder/Daalhof and also with the Gemeente Maastricht, who supports the Services & Care cooperation. Help could also include things you need to be done at home, your garden or any kind of assistance. “You will never walk alone”.

Handyman & Support Service

"Power, support, care".

"Power, support, care".

There are days you feel you need this or that done. Don’t hesitate to call us and ask for help. We can find the right person with the right skills and heart to help you. You have an attic that needs to be cleaned up? Awashing machine that quits? A walk in the park? As caretaker of your parents you often need a little help. On Wednesday your mother needs guidance to her hospital visit but your employer needs you at that particular time. Call Services & Care Wyck.

Local Products

"Leuke, fijne en warme mensen, thuis komen in een warm bad."

"Leuke, fijne en warme mensen, thuis komen in een warm bad."

The unique collaboration of the Master Services and Care and the local florist, is the diversity of products and services under one roof. For example, there is excellent coffee being served for customers or for people who are waiting for the bus. A warm comfortable shelter with a nice cup of coffee. A range of local products are displayed and for sale!


The moment you walk in The Masters Services & Care, you notice the overwhelming scent of fresh flowers.  Very nice circumstances, also for The Masters Services & Care attendants and their customers. While you wait for your computer to be fixed, or you laundry is being packed, don’t hesitate to browse through the flowers and plants that are disposed inside and outside the store. You are happily advised with making the right choice!

Bread and sweets

The Masters Services & Care offers a new product! Bread, pies and other sweets, from bakery Mathieu Hermans. You can place your others online or at The Masters Services & Care location in Wolder. This can be done on weekdays (excluding Sunday and Monday) until Friday before 16:00 a clock. You can pick up your order on Saturday from 10:00 until 12:00 a clock at The Masters Services & Care in Wolder. Payment can be done in the shop in cash or by debit card when you pick up your order. We don't accept creditcard payments.



Monseigneur Vranckenplein 8a
6213 HL Maastricht
06 11214544


Monday closed
Tuesday 10:30 - 18:00
Wednesday 10:30 - 18:00
Thursday 10:30 - 18:00
Friday 10:30 - 18:00
Saturday 10:30 - 17:00
Sunday closed

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