The Masters®

And so it started ......

The founders of The Masters® realized that everything changes, (socially, economically, culturally, educationally), and we ourselves, are the ones who can lead the change. There are people who see things happen and people who make things happen. The Masters® account for the latter.

In 2009, The Masters® started to help the weaker in our society. Those who alone, can not cross the bridge to discover, develop and utilize their talents, to participate fully in society. It’s the group of the “differently” developed that through the "Masters" organisation, are being helped, to become aware of their own ability, to live their dream, to not follow the highly aged care system and never give up.

Over the past five years, The Masters® movement has evolved increasingly into a "Game-Changer". Now, the different initiatives of The Masters® are seen as an "example" for change and renewal in an ever-changing world. The Masters® inspire and help individuals, organizations and institutions who want to change. The government is in turn, helped through its own transitioning.

"A governing role of government, which not only facilitates and looks, but thinks and acts as an entrepreneur, is the economic model of this time", said Italian-American economist Mariana Mazzucato. The government and The Masters® do this together!

Do you also feel responsible for laying a new foundation for future generations?
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