The Masters® Services & Care is a Social Neighbourhood Cooperative by and for Citizens.

Everyone is welcome to visit the accessible premises, which are located in the middle of neighbourhoods around the city. Each service point is able to answer all your questions and to take care of the district's residents. Through close cooperation with the social team of each district, and with all other health and care providers, all your questions will be forwarded effectively and efficiently to the most suitable provider. In addition to this, services and products of each area are offered.

The services and products are offered by social entrepreneurs. They now have the opportunity to build their own business, which gives them the ability to work independently in their corresponding field. (1) They offer apprenticeships to talented people with learning difficulties or to those requiring assistance who want to increase their chances of getting back into the job market.  (2) The Masters® Services & Care premises are freely accessible by everyone for daytime activities. (3) The Guild System has been put in place by the Masters® for those who have special needs or who struggle to get started on projects. The community facilitator ensures that the Masters® Services & Care locality, social entrepreneurs and the district concerned are each provided with appropriate facilities.

The services and products offer wonderful opportunities for both social entrepreneurs and students and everyone who makes use of the service. This leaves us the opportunity to determine our own success!

The cooperative is a community builder, which is intended at being a socially entrepreneurial cooperative, both by and for citizens. Its aim is to contribute to a better society through sustainable, meaningful and innovative actions, by creating a physical and general facility, which is also freely accessible by everyone.

The organisations also create employment by serving as a communal meeting point in neighbourhoods. This is achieved through making agreements on requests and offers, which gives a better chance to as many individuals as possible to participate and integrate into society based on their talents and abilities. All residents of the area are provided with services, products and facilities, and those in need are able to be as independent as necessary and participate in the community.

In order to create a strong network with the economic and social agenda, the services and products have favourable connections with the government, industry, care and knowledge institutions and citizens.

Here are some unique aspects of the cooperatives in communities:

  • You will never be left feeling alone in the neighbourhood, due to the many connections being made with others.
  • You will have an efficient and effective matching of supply and demand.
  • You can follow your own path.
  • All parties work as a team: citizens, the government, entrepreneurs, care and knowledge institutions, and service providers.
  • Students are able to familiarize themselves with an innovative concept in the social domain.
  • Job seekers get a stepping stone to work.Everyone involved comes together and brings something to the table (reciprocity).
  • All help is provided in one central point.
  • The cooperative is self-sufficient and carries out a comprehensive operation through the contribution of all parties.
  • "Differently" developed are seen and are a part of us.



"I think the energy and innovative ability of The Masters® is amazing. I have been a long standing fan. The Services & Care store is simply genius. "- Nicoline Wisse Smit
Are you someone who owns an idea, has a business or would like to have one? Are you the type of entrepreneur who would like to help others and contribute to society? The Masters® aim to guide entrepreneurs all the way to a self-contained existence.
Would you like to cooperate communally and contribute to a co-existence in which everyone can participate, based on their talent and ability?
The Masters® offers the opportunity to run social internships at every level. You will be accompanied professionally and can also contribute to the innovative Masters movement. Don’t hesitate to ask us about what internships may suit you.
And are you fed up of it? We believe that “normal people” do not exist. If you would like somebody to have a look at your talents, you can drop by, write or call The Masters®. Maybe you do not know it yourself, but we see talent in everyone.
The Masters® is active in many areas and always in need of helpful hands. There are so many fun things to do. Think about taking the step and help The Masters® help others. Come along and ask for the many opportunities to get started with The Masters® as a volunteer.