At The Masters® Services & Care Wyck Location

You are welcomed by a team of enthusiastic helpers and professionals. The location is wheelchair accessible and located at Hoogbrugstraat 42. In addition to the help and care room, you can find all your laundry, steam and ironing services. You can fix your computer malfunctions or have your clothes repaired or adjusted. Our distribution service provides all your packages. For legal questions there is a specialist at home. You can also just come in for a chat.

You are always welcome!

Laundry and ironing service

Convenient for students or Wyck citizens who just want to enjoy the convenience of "dropping” their dirty laundry with us and having it washed within three days. We will also pick up the laundry and bring it back to your home if you wish. Check in to look at the extensive possibilities and rates.

Dry Cleaning

If you have clothes requiring dry cleaning, you can contact your Masters Services & Care office in Wyck. Please ask for the possibilities. Trousers, dresses, smokings.  We can also take care of curtains and larger items. Come in and the team will be happy to answer your specific question!

Sewing Studio

Extremely talented tailors treat your clothes with love and care. At your Masters Services & Care location in Wyck, Maastricht, you will find two professionals who do their utmost to meet your needs and adjust or repair your clothes.

Computer and phone service

The older generation is more or less forced to think and act digitally. Everyday we use smartphones, laptops or computers. Who can you call if something goes wrong? Has your Wi-Fi crashed? Has your email stopped working, or has your hard drive stopped? This is sometimes difficult or very expensive. That's why The Masters® Services & Care has a computer and phone service at your corner in Wyck. Here you can come with all your questions or problems. You can bring your laptop or phone or we come home to you! Whatever happens, we will not stop until it works again to your satisfaction.

Distribution and package service

The Masters® love people and nature. This is why it's also in our best interest to create environmentally friendly solutions in many areas. The beautiful area around Wyck must remain green. This is the reason that we are working with "green distribution". This reduces the increasing freight traffic around the ever-expanding package delivery and held outside Wyck. The Masters® Services & Care has therefore entered into a collaboration with Binnenstad Service Maastricht and Maastricht Bereikbaar and became a distribution center. We deliver small packages door to door using Masters electric bicycles, not only to residents but also to businessmen. Call us and ask for the possibilities.

UPS Point

The Masters® love people and nature. This is why it's also in our best interest to create environmentally friendly solutions in many areas. The beautiful area around Wyck must remain green. It is for this reason that we are working with "green distribution". This reduces the increasing freight traffic around the ever-expanding package delivery and traffic is held outside Wyck. The Masters® Services & Care is a distribution centre for mail and small packages through our UPS/Kiala point. Call us and ask for the possibilities.

Care and help point

Together, we can do it ourselves in Wyck. The Masters® Services & Care for you in Wyck is designed to answer all the help and care questions. Through the collaboration with the Wyck Social Team, all care and assistance providers in your area and with the municipality as a partner, we are able to offer you all the assistance you need. If there is a need for care professionals, we will find them for you and you decide who suits you best. For home or garden care, shopping or otherwise, every response will be answered. We are also the physically accessible location for the digital platform, care cooperation Wijzelf Maastricht and Heuvelland, where supply and demand are directly linked!

Handy work

Sometimes you need help to get a job done at home or otherwise. Ask us and we will look for the person who can help you in completing your request. Cleaning your shed, painting your garden gate, a walk through the park. As a caretaker, you often struggle. Your employer demands your presence but your mother must be taken to the hospital. How do you solve that? Sometimes you would like a helping hand. Your washing machine stops working ... a step on the stairs becomes dangerous ... it can get crazy, but we'll solve it together.


With every purchase you make at a Masters Services & Care location, you support a charity. We did not arise with the intention to earn money. We are there to help others who find it difficult to connect or need help. The sales of the products you buy at The Masters® Services & Care sites directly benefit the operation, allowing us to sustainably carry on and achieve our goals together. In addition, there are wonderful products that will bring you or others a lot of fun. Win-Win! Buy and contribute to a better world!
Hoogbrugstraat 42
6221 CS Maastricht
043 3117394
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On request
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